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It’s easy to say that a lot of women don’t really look forward to visiting their gynecologist or having a Well Woman Exam Coconut Grove from their family doctor every year. It’s very personal and can be uncomfortable. It may not be on the top of the list, but your annual well woman exam is one of the most crucial things you can do for your health. Early intervention can spell the difference between knowing cancer early and being able to handle and treat it once it has developed.

Keep in mind that cancer is not the only concern. A lot of different health issues can be assessed and handled during the Well Woman Exam Coconut Grove. Breast exams and pap smears can point out to you if something is big long before alarming symptoms you can’t ignore progress. Most often than not, by the time symptoms develop, diseases have developed considerably. Preventative treatment is the best approach when it comes to handling your long-term health.

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Keep in mind that a lot of diseases don’t show radical symptoms that manifest something being wrong until they have developed. Take in that a simple pap smear can tell you when something is wrong when it’s still at the cellular level before things like tumors become apparent. A Well Woman Exam Coconut Grove from Dr. Rodriguez Ortiz is what you need.

Most people know how crucial exercise and diet are when it comes to living a healthy life. But, many of us forget the importance of regular check-ups in being healthy. When it relates to women, that means a Well Woman Exam Coconut Grove.A general well-woman exam from Dr. Rodriguez Ortiz provides women a chance to discuss their reproductive health with their gynecologist.

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Well Woman Exam Coconut Grove usually includes a breast and pelvic exam, and possibly a Pap smear based on age. It’s also a chance for a woman and her doctor to determine individual needs and cater to any questions regarding sexuality, stress, parenting, family planning and hormones. Call Dr. Rodriguez Ortiz now for more information.

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