Obgyn for Ovarian Cysts Coconut Grove: Diagnosis and Treatment

An Obgyn for Ovarian Cysts Coconut Grove will most likely do a pelvic exam and come up with an ultrasound if a cyst is there. This could also assist in eliminating other more pressing issues, like an extrauterine pregnancy. An ultrasound and exam may also reveal the dimensions of the cyst and help the obgyn diagnose the kind of cyst. Blood tests also can be run to work out the chance of ovarian cancer if it runs within the family or if the cyst feels like it might be malignant.

When the cyst isn't causing severe pain or other complications, the health care provider sometimes waits some months to work out if the cyst goes away on its own. Contraceptive pills may help prevent cysts from forming within the future, which might be helpful for ladies with recurring problems. However, in step with Dr. Rodriguez Ortiz, this doesn't help with new cysts. In some cases, an Obgyn for Ovarian Cysts Coconut Grove may suggest surgery to help eliminate the cyst if it's causing problems or looks suspicious.